A Focus on Job Creation

As your State Senator, I focus my attention on solving the problems that have led to such a bleak jobs situation for the people of our district. 

I'm an outspoken voice for lowering costs of doing business. I knows this frees up small businesses to do what they do best—develop products & services and hire more people. To that end, it’s time we had some serious tort reform as well as stability and efficiency in the regulatory environment.

Spending & Taxes

We must address escalating state wage, benefit, and retirement costs and reverse the growth of government. In times of plenty as well as times of need, we must focus on the priorities of government and basic services.

We need Olympia to focus on our district’s needs—including a properly funded educational system. All this and more can and should be done with existing revenue—not new and higher taxes.

Educating for our Future

Adequately funding education is important—but we must be smart with the money as well. That is why I support policies that encourage effectiveness and accountability through transparency. When the public, parents, and elected officials know where tax dollars are going, we are all better able to address problems such as rising administrative costs and failing students.


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  • Mary Johnson
    published this page 2015-10-13 22:02:08 -0700